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live movement practice

Live Movement Practice - movement practice through leading improvisation. The practice is created based on anatomy knowledge, dancing and performing practice, communication with people and reflection from it.

The practise is supported with live music.
Live Movement Practice discovers:

- inner and outter body;
- body in space;
- endless possibilities of your body;

- body in relation to human senses and other bodies.


The main focus points:

- getting to know your own body through the movements;
- recognising the tension points in your body;
- opening and clearing up your emotional state and being;

- finding the freedom of movement;
- finding your endless energy resources.




















What is about my body? How it used to move? How my body is able to open up emotions and let the feelings go? How my body is able to move in the space? How the contact with the outside world can switch the recognition of my own body? Do my body has the borders, energy limits? How moving can reproduce new energy in order to keep on going? How my body can surprise myself?

Tools: anatomy, breathing, live sound, touch, imagination.  

Participants: dancers and non dancers (can be specified or mixed group). There is a possibility to make the intense Live Movement Practice session from 3 days to 1 week, a single session, the session for the (specified or not) group, couples or individuals.

The Live Movement Practice has been developing since 2015.

tools for a

performative body

Technical movements in the transforming body

Contemporary dance technique workshop / class

This contemporary dance technique class contains warm up, learning combination and trying different perspectives of using fixed combination.

The technique of the class is based on:

- floor work and standing work (switching between different levels);
- complex moving body - being conscious about different body parts moving separate or together;
- using body weight and energy flow of the body;
- being aware about different speed and intensity of the movement;
- making impossible movements possible.





















This workshop is aiming to make dance movements not just as technical steps, but fulfil it with specific flow, focus and quality. Each movement has its own purpose, beginning and end, connection point to what is coming next. Also, during the class we are aiming to make each movement possible to be done in your own body possibilities by increasing body awareness and looking into the movement through your own body perspective (without losing the base of existing movement shape).

Participants: dance students / professional dancers.

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