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performative reality


Performative Reality - the creative platform which is developing performance artists such as creators and performers, as well as the audience.

​Performance - the action based on specific behaving which is shifting / transforming the current  time, space and energy. In the process of making the performance is important that the performer would take away all personal masks, habits and pre-opinions, would activate all senses and would resonate the energy to the outside while being very aware about what is happening around. Performance is a great tool for bringing out some ideas, statements and bringing it into the physical dialogue and discussions. The performance creates some informal / unusual atmosphere, which allows to take a distance from any regular restricted social rules, beliefs, images and express the real feeling, state about the situation. It is an opportunity to look at yourself, recognise another and embody something which could seem impossible or illogical.
Performative Reality is a unique project because the audience as well as the performer becomes the creator. Reality becomes performance and performance becomes reality.

Performative Reality consists of:

- Global Creation method;

- Performative injections;

- Workshops: Tools for a Performative Body, Live Movement Practice, Time and space transformation.

Performative Reality performances / projects:

Performative Reality project during the Taboe Camp / Performative injections + workshops / July, 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands

st.One / 3-day performance - installation at the MO Modern Art Museum / 20 - 21 - 22 of June, 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

Performative Reality project as the part of Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022 / Global Creation method + creative laboratory + Performative injection / May, June, 2019, Kaunas, Lithuania

st.One / performance - installation as a part of Anima Mundi -ITSLIQUID International Art Festival, exhibition RITUALS during the Venice Biennale / 12th of May, 2019, Venice, Italy


Happy International Workers’ Day / 12 h length solo performance in collaboration with Uzupis Art Incubator (LT) and local artists / 1st of May, 2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

Pancakes for unpacked body / creative laboratory with students from the Theatre Academy in Klaipeda, / 2018


Rite. Movingfire /  performance - installation / 22nd of September, 2017

Performative Reality is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture. 

Global Cretion method

Global Creation method


Global Creation method makes a strong base for a performance as an art form to be accepted, trusted and creating possibilities for new and open ways of perceiving it. One of the aim is to develop open, analytic, sensitive and strong performers as well as curious, open, thinking and creative audience. Global Creation method is involving both sides - performers and audience in formulating the message of the performance and transforming it.

Global Creation method is a game, which brings the basic material for the further performance. During this practise the roles of creator and audience become equally important and  changes the regular direction of the creative process flow.

Instead of creator >> performer >> audience is audience = creator >> performer = creator

Global Creation method is based on different interpretations about the same object. In this case the regular person is actively involved in the creation process . Without even noticing, he becomes a creator and develops his imagination, opinion and becomes an important part of the upcoming creative product. At the same time, the performer becomes a conductor, which gives the rules of the play, takes all coming info and plays with it while making various kinds of transformations. He leads the situation and embodies the visions from other people within his own colours. In the end, the status of creator becomes just the energy in between the audience and performer.

The method has started to develop since 2017, when Goda made a music research project at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Performative injections

Performative injections

Site specific performances, which transform the reality into the performance and the performance into the reality while activating the senses of the audience, enlightening the characteristic of the actual space and presenting a performer as a creature - non personalised human.

Performative injections can go together with workshops, which help to look at the performance from the different perspective and get deeper into the experience of the performance.

Performative injections and workshops inviting to search for different tools and ways to express the state, idea, message, opinion. Instead of empty words - we take pure actions fulfilled of living energy and breaking up the limits.

Types of Performative injections + workshops:


1. Direction - specific space

Performances, which challenge and enlighten the actual space and time, transform and play with it. It shows up the specifics of the location, atmosphere and people who are in there.

Workshop - Transformation of the time and space

2.  Direction - social communication

Performances, inviting for an open communication, emotional freedom, the start of discussions, acceptance of other ideas, active analysis without the pre-set critical opinion. Makes people to find themselves as an active part of the performance.

Workshop - Tools for a performative body